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The two most important components of a stockroom tend to be the capacity to maximise stock and obtain comfortable access to it. If you don't take full advantage of your stockroom storage chances are you'll waste time, money as well as making life tougher for your retail staff. Listed here are 5 tips to help you improve storage in your stockroom areas:

1)Select your storage items wisely - there are lots of choices for your stockroom shelving and storage which means you must consider the types of items you are going to be storing, for how long and just how easily you need to access them before you make your decision. By way of example, if you're selling clothing then consider whether garments will need to be hung or folded when you choose your storage products and don't forget that a static system may not provide the flexibility you'll need. Shelving which allows for interchangeable drawers and hanging space stands out as the better option.

2) Maximise the space available - whilst many stockrooms will likely be limited regarding floor area, you can look up to enhance your stockroom storage capacities. Making the most of the room height enables you room to grow and broaden your range so pick the tallest shelves you can fit in, even though you don't need to fill them immediately.

3) Give everything a label - it might sound obvious on the subject of organising a stockroom, nevertheless the more attention you are able to pay to naming items when you first put them in there, the simpler and quicker it's going to be to find items when you require them. When faced with tens or many hundreds of the same product on the stockroom shelf, poor labelling could mean time is wasted locating the exact item required.

4) Free up some personal space - retail stockrooms often double as staff rooms or break out areas so it's best if you allow for some storage space for employees' private items. The neatest and safest method of doing this is to set up lockers. Not only do they maximise use of space but they also allow each worker the protection of having their own personal storage space for possessions.

5) Out with the old - however you see it, having old stock filling your storeroom areas may be doing your business more damage than good. Not only are items on the stockroom shelves costing you money but they are also blocking you from bringing new stock in. That's why it is suggested that you routinely review stock to keep everything current. Holding a discount sale is an excellent method of getting rid of old stock items and free up some stockroom storage space for brand new items.

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